MMA NEWS: McGregor vs Poirier 3 the "Biggest Fight Ever"?

According to Poirier's head coach, Mike Brown, Conor McGregor and Dustin Porier's next trilogy finale might be the UFC fight to end all UFC bouts.

McGregor (22-5) and Poirier (27-6) will face toe-to-toe for the third time on July 10th, 2021 at UFC 264, coming to a close a trilogy that has captivated the fans for over a half-decade.

With both combatants holding a victory, there will be a lot on the line in the Octagon this summer, and Brown believes it might be the greatest event the company has ever produced.

The "Greatest PPV of All-Time"

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Brown revealed some insights into Camp Poirier in the lead-up to the event, as well as his opinion on both the American fighter's choice to rematch the Notorious Irishman and the commercial potential of the bout itself.

Poirier firmly secured his status as the top contender for the gold in the UFC lightweight division after knocking out McGregor during their first rematch at UFC 257 back in January.

Since Khabib Nurmagomedov's announced retirement from the promotion and the sport in spring 2021, the division has been in turmoil. Rather than fighting for the title against Michael Chandler or Charles Oliveira, Porier preferred to take one last bout with his long-time foe to settle the score once and for all.

Brown believes it was the "correct option" to make, both in terms of safeguarding Poirier's MMA legacy and advancing his career. For all of his dubious actions in recent years. The reality is that McGregor is still a major draw, arguably “the biggest” attraction in MMA, and the data support that hypothesis as well.

UFC 257 remains one of the best-selling UFC PPV events of all time, with 1.6 million sales worldwide. UFC 264 Live Stream seems to be on track to surpass that, with the potential to be “the greatest pay-per-view of all time,” according to Brown.

Role Reversal

Conor McGregor was an emerging star in White's MMA company in 2014. Poirier, meanwhile, was pounding the pavement in the Featherweight category, never quite breaking into the big league despite amassing a significant number of victories.

The duo's first battle was pivotal in both men's careers. McGregor's fame rose from there, and he would soon be on his way to world championship dominance. While Poirier made the choice to go up a weight class to Lightweight, he knuckled down and went to work.

Fast forward to 2021, and the situation for both combatants is drastically altered. McGregor's ascension to MMA superstardom epitomised the American Dream. He is undeniably one of the main competitors in the UFC to have molded the featherweight division. However, after riding the fame wave for a few years, McGregor's antics outside the cage have had a negative impact on his position inside the business.

Conor McGregor has been more recognized for his repeated retirements and million-dollar boxing payouts than for any major accomplishment in the UFC in recent years, having now dropped outside the UFC pound for pound rankings.

Poirier, on the other hand, has taken McGregor's place as the leading contender for the lightweight title, but with a strong record to back him up. “The Diamond” has continually worked on his game, learning from his mistakes and developing his technique and plan. If McGregor symbolized the UFC in the 2010s, Porier is a possible champion for a new decade — one who is ceaselessly devoted and well regarded by his fellow fighters and coaches.

Whoever wins the rematch will face current UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira for the championship in a championship battle that might take place later in 2021. Although the bookmakers still list McGregor as the favorite to win the fight, many in the business think that he has to make some significant adjustments to his game in order to win.

Brown, on the other hand, has complete trust in his Diamond fighter, saying he has "a lot" of weapons at his disposal in the cage.


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